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Accesories and cleaning

Everything you need to keep Alcoa aluminum wheels in perfect condition




Exclusive solution for the safe cleaning of your tires with Dura-Bright® treatment. Suitable for weekly use in both XBR® and EVO. Our Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash has been specially designed to be a safe cleaning solution for all our customers, a solution that also provides additional benefits.

  • Helps to prevent the formation of ferodo as well as the copper veil
  • Avoid the existing risk of damaging tires when aggressive chemicals are used
  • It is not necessary to dilute it
  • Use approximately 150ml per wheel
  • Not classified as dangerous substance according to the CLP and Reach Regulations

Available in:

  • Introductory kit containing a 1L bottle of Dura-Bright® Wheel Wash and an ALbrush2®
  • 5L container
  • 25L container


An exclusive tire cleaner specially developed for semi-polished, polished and LvL ONE® for Alcoa® Wheels. Eliminates rust and maintains the shine of the rims. Eliminates the ferodo caused by disc brakes, salt marks and spots in general. To achieve optimal results, use ALpolish after cleaning with ALclean. Available in 1L, 5L and 25L cans. Note: ALclean® can also be used up to twice a year on tires with Dura-Bright® treatment in the event of a high concentration of fiber. See the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual and the 2nd Edition of the Dura-Bright® Service Bulletin.


A brush of maximum quality with rubber edge that acts as protector of the rims against the damages that could take place during its cleaning. It incorporates an improved ergonomic handle. Unlike standard brushes, the ALbrush is made of 12 cm polyester short fibers (PBT). These soft fibers ensure better cleaning results and do not produce scratches when they come into contact with aluminum rims.

  • Rubber edge to prevent damage to the rim.
  • Good absorption of water and soap.
  • Long fibers and a high number of inserted fibers compared to normal brushes.


Polishing paste to recover the shine of your Alcoa® Wheels polished, semi-polished and LvL ONE® wheels. To achieve the best results, use ALpolish after cleaning with ALclean. Note: It should not be used on tires with Dura-Bright® treatment.


Complete kit for cleaning semi-polished, polished and LvL ONE® wheels. Includes a 1L bottle of ALclean, ALpolish, and ALbrush. Available with manual in several languages.

Do you know how to keep clean your Alcoa® Wheels?




Lithium-based grease that acts as an inhibitor of corrosion when assembling / replacing valves. The grease does not have negative effects on the rubber grommet of the valve and helps prevent air leakage over time. VALVEgrease® is also used in our manufacturing plant for the pre-lubrication of the valves and the area of the valve orifice.

  • Prevents corrosion in the area of the valve orifice
  • Tested on all valves mounted on Alcoa® Wheels
  • Easy application
  • Water resistant
  • It should not be used for assembly
  • 1kg container

It is strongly recommended to install a new valve each time a new tire is mounted in order to avoid corrosion buildup and leaks in the valve's orifice area. Refer to the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual for more information on cleaning the valve's orifice area, replacing valves as well as the valve tightening torque.


A new grease based on mineral oil for the assembly of Alcoa® Wheels. Grease helps prevent corrosion and does not mark the surface of the rim.

When tires are in service, dirt and other substances tend to accumulate around the rim and in the bushing area. In addition, water and salt present on roads can lead to corrosion around the central hole of the rim. This also causes the tires to get stuck in the bushings, which makes their removal extremely difficult.

Note: not suitable for use in the installation or on the valves.

Using HUBgrease® helps solve these problems and avoids maintenance dificulculties. 

  • Prevents galvanic corrosion of the rim hub
  • High heat resistance up to 150 ° C
  • Easy application
  • Stability against oxidation
  • Waterproof
  • 1kg container


This product helps to prevent the accumulation of corrosion between the steel and aluminum rims, and between the steel bushings and the aluminum rims, which reduces the maintenance problems. It can also be used to protect the mounting surface of the wheel against cosmetic damage.

The installation of Discmates between twin Dura-Bright® wheels will also reduce the damage to the surface between them. Available for 10 hole threaded rims, circular bolt diameter of 335 mm, 22 mm studs.


Barbed discs are a fundamental maintenance product to help you keep your Alcoa® Wheels in the best possible condition. They are ideal for cleaning contact surfaces, bead seats, spikes or centering edges of the bushing. They are also suitable for removing side edges caused by wear of the edge of the rim or corrosion, rust and dirt in general, and can be used with most tools at right angles. The pad is a removable tray. They have internal thread for the placement of any standard thread of 6.3 mm 20. Depending on the type of air pressure tool used, the Ø6.3mm (1/4 ") stem can be used as an adapter to mount the pad in the tool - see image.

Available with soft, medium or hard tines and in 2 diameters (Ø25 and Ø 50 mm). White discs: Soft - special for the treatment of aluminum parts Yellow discs: Medium hardness - to eliminate medium oxidation
Green discs: Hard - to eliminate excessive oxidation

Use the smallest disc
To remove traces of dirt, rust and dust from the pins and centering edges of the bushing, as well as the inner part of the hole in the rim shaft

Use the 50mm Ø disc
To clean the largest parts of the rim and bushing




High quality stainless steel nut caps with the Alcoa® Wheels logo embossed. Available for hexagonal sleeve nuts M22 of 32 and 33 mm.

No discolored or loose lids
Shortened edge to avoid contact with the rim and tire damage with Dura-Bright® treatment
The inner free space of the cap is 41mm
Available in boxes of 20 caps.


High-quality chrome plastic caps with the Alcoa® Wheels logo embossed. Universal for M22 sleeve nuts of 32 and 33 mm.

Designed with a patented system that ensures easy assembly and disassembly
Supplied with an extraction tool that can be used to remove the caps when an embellisher is installed
Available in boxes of 20 caps with 1 extraction tool.


A practical tool for placing and removing stainless steel nut caps.



The rim nuts are a vital part of fixing the rim to the hub. Alcoa® Wheels Nuts have exclusive design features and offer advantages over cheaper alternatives:

  • The design of the washer improves retention and clamping force
  • The contact area between the nut and the washer is designed and manufactured to reduce friction to a minimum
  • It is strongly recommended to lubricate the washer
    The Geomet / Dacromet® coating. helps prevent corrosion
  • The sleeve M22 avoids the damages caused by the tightening of long-sleeved nuts on the inner wheels in the installation of twin wheels
  • Its greater height avoids that the keys of tighten slide, what can cause wounds to the operarios and damages in the rims
  • The nut has been designed so that the caps are installed safely

Alcoa® Wheels can be ordered separately.
See the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual for more information or assembly instructions, tightening torque, lubrication and thread engagement.



All Alcoa® Wheels have nickel-plated valves, except for 22.5 "x17.00" wheels. The nickel coating, the special black T-shaped washer and the integral plastic washer of the hexagon nut reduce the risk of galvanic corrosion between the valve and the rim.

The valves have a slotted boot and a hexagonal base that offers more grip and allows easy replacement using a screwdriver or wrench.

It is recommended to change the valves at each tire change. Use Alcover® Wheels VALVEgrease® to lubricate the valve and the area of ​​the valve hole to prevent corrosion around the valve, which could cause air leakage.

We also have a 150 mm POM plastic extension valve that includes dust covers that allow checking the pressure of the inner tire in the case of normal double installations.

Note: do not use HUBgrease® on the valves. For more information on replacing valves, see the Alcoa® Wheels Service Manual.

Catalog of accessories and cleaning in PDF

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